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Push Stress Away

Push Stress Away

Let’s face it, stress happens! Between working, participating in civic activities, taking care of your home and family and managing...

Empty Bowls: Compassion with Creativity

Empty Bowls is a deceptively simple idea that has generated millions of dollars towards alleviating hunger in communities across the...

Life is busy, learn how to slow down, move on and remember God's blessings by looking at the clouds.

3 Life Lessons from the Clouds

Everything that God creates comes from benevolent sources, which are apparent to the minds that think. Sadly, more often than...

Is hijab just a piece of cloth? How does our personality play into our hijab? - www.MuslimasOasis.com

Personality of Hijab

There is more to being an ideal Muslim woman than her Islamic compliant clothing; her personality. In other words, a...

How to Love Your Job? Learn to appreciate your work and the blessing it brings with these fantastic Islamic reminders! - www.MuslimasOasis.com

How to Love Your Job from an Islamic Standpoint

Oftentimes you force yourselves into doing something you don’t even like. For instance, your job. It is rare to find...

Top 10 Posts for Muslimas' Oasis - 2014

MO in Review: Top 10 Posts in 2014

MO has had a big year with many changes, like a new admin team, new writers, and mashaAllah (God willed...