A Muslim Convert’s Christmas

A Muslim Convert's Christmas - www.MuslimasOasis.com

It’s taken a while to get here. Over the last 7 Christmases, things have changed quite a bit, and each year it gets easier. How have we gotten here? Well, it really comes down to acceptance.

My first year as a Muslim, it may have been hard to tell that things had changed; that I had a new faith that no longer included Christmas. I came to my family’s Christmas celebration, which even included my boyfriend at the time (his involvement in my life ended shortly after). I wished everyone a Happy Holidays, and other than skipping on the ham and the wine, no one was reminded of my acceptance of this foreign and odd religion. Was it perfect? Would a scholar say I was doing the right thing? Probably not, but that’s where I was in my journey.

Each year has changed little by little. Three years ago was the first time I didn’t attend any Christmas celebration and honestly, that morning I was sad. Participating in holidays is a privilege, not a right, as I found out in my late teens. Not attending a holiday gathering felt reminiscent of the days in which my life was in turmoil and I was not invited. But you know what? By the end of the day, it felt liberating. Continue reading

VIL (Very Important Lessons)


At 1:30 a.m., I was finding it a little difficult to understand the hospital administrative assistant’s words. I had been vomiting for 2 days straight and while morning sickness is a normal issue of pregnancy, I had reached the point where it was no longer normal. I couldn’t drink water or hold a single thing down. That + acetone (apparently our bodies can make this stuff) in my body and a bladder infection and I had been ordered by the doctor to spend the rest of the night in the hospital. Continue reading

[Review] Miraj Audio Books


Stories can have a powerful affect on shaping our view of the world and of our own place in it. Our history, morals and indeed the tenets of our faith are found in the sacred pages of story books. So how do we keep these stories in the lives of our children in this busy, digital world? Miraj Audio is offering one way: Audio books.

Audio Books aren’t a new thing, and they’re only one of many ways we can keep stories prominent in our lives. However they are new to the world of Muslim Children’s books and Miraj Audio is leading the way. The fresh, beautifully written and stunningly narrated stories come from Islamic history, Ahadith (sayings from the Prophet peace be upon him) and Qur’an stories. They are a wonderful addition to any library, a wonderful introduction to the world of audio books and an excellent source of Islamic learning and identity building. Continue reading

Deciding on Your Child’s Education

Deciding on Your Children's Education

The following post is written by contributing writer, Shannen, of Middle Way Mom

All Muslim males and females are required to get an education, and for parents, that means we are required to provide an education to our children. It’s a heavy responsibility and one we shouldn’t take lightly.

So what does that mean? In many places around the world, there are various options from public, private, and charter schools, private tutoring, and homeschooling. These choices mean we aren’t locked into any one specific path, but how do we wade through these options and choose what is best for our child and our family?

First, don’t sell yourself short. Let me repeat that. Stop selling yourself short. I hear so many parents saying “I could never”, “I’m can’t do that”, “Oh, I wish I could do that” without ever trying. Know your strengths and weaknesses, but weaknesses aren’t always limitations – they could just be untapped strengths. Continue reading

[Blog] Eid Mubarak 2013


All of us at Muslimas’ Oasis would like to wish all of you who visit us a blessed Eid!

To those who could fast and those who couldn’t, and your families, from ours.

May intentions and deeds of the past month be accepted and multiplied, may sincere prayers be answered in a way that is best for you and may we continue to benefit from renewal and commitment beyond Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak from Muslimas' Oasis