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Putting First Things First


We are in the age of distraction, phone calls, emails, social networking, television and much more. Some times we have to remember that we have to put important matters first and everything else is secondary.

Have you ever been so caught up in a movie or T.V. show that you missed your prayer? Maybe you thought to yourself, okay I have about a hour until Mahgrib and before you know it, you missed the prayer. I truly believe these tools are designed to make us lose focus on what is important

Have you ever logged in to facebook to check your email and two hours later you answered everyones status message and hit the reload three or four times to see if anything has changed, and while the status and responses may have changed, your house still looks the same…a mess in the corner and food not cooked.

Have you ever heard the alarm ring but you ignored it and turned over, or stopped it and told yourself 10 more minutes?

As a mom of four, one on the way, wife and homeschooler there is a lot on my plate but then when I add I help in maintaining two blogs, two  facebook pages, write articles for other awesome sites such as Muslimas Oasis, and write an on going monthly parenting column for MB Muslima Magazine.. I must say I know what distractions are like! Sometimes I can be easily side tracked by parenting questions on facebook, or the latest inspired blog post.  Often times I have to check myself on what I should be doing over what is not necessary at the moment.

Do you find yourself using the words “Okay  after this post I’m going too…” “Next commercial I will…”  “In 10 more mins…”

I hear the call to T.V shows being announced more than the call to prayer! “Fear factor at 8…” “X Factor….” while we are too busy watching  X Factor we are X-ing out all the important matters and checking off the things that distract us from what matters. What can we do about it? You don’t have to give up your luxuries but you can put them in perspective.

  • Organization- Yes put your priorities in order. If you have a show that comes on 8 then you should have everything completed by then. Simple but true. Make sure you do not delay your salat and once all the important matters are completed you will find you have less on your back and less piled up
  • Remember Allah- prayer is better than sleep. Set and alarm, have a friend call in, do what it takes to get up for prayer in the morning and continue to stay up for the day. You can get more done before 10 a.m. than those who wake up at 10 a.m. Your day will be smooth because you are ahead and not behind
  • Record your shows- Don’t want to miss a beat? InshaAllah record those programs  and program your TV in advance (if you can)
  • Remember your family- X Factor does not get things done at home, we have priorities and we have to remember when we are behind or heedless our family is harmed by it
  • Sacrifice- sometimes you just have to fight yourself and not log in when you should be cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, or praying. We have to really fight ourselves with not putting our desires before important matters. This takes some time and sincere attempts. Always remember to ask Allah to make you stronger even against fighting your nafs.
There are many pleasures in the world, but those pleasures can easily become unpleasant when we allow them to side track us, while we may enjoy it for the moment, we realize that we have to stay on top of what matters
Keep striving to put first things first!
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Ameera is a mom of 4 super cool children mashaAllah. She resides in NYC where she writes about parenting, homeschooling, and all things children. She is part of the parenting team known as Habeebee Homeschooling, where she blogs with her husband about their homeschooling journey and raising children who love to learn.