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Push Stress Away

Push Stress Away

Let’s face it, stress happens! Between working, participating in civic activities, taking care of your home and family and managing...

Empty Bowls: Compassion with Creativity

Empty Bowls is a deceptively simple idea that has generated millions of dollars towards alleviating hunger in communities across the...

Up A Notch Review

[Review] Up A Notch – Personalized Islamic Gifts

Up A Notch is a company that provides customized gifts for Muslim families. They started off with custom candy wrappers...


[Documentary] Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World.

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World is a new documentary from the award-winning Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) that brings to life the art...


[Poem] Oh Cairo

Stepping out of the airport doors Into the heavy night air, I fill my lungs like a love-struck bride At...


[Poem] Power Lines

Glistening. The life that clings to the lifeless. The tender quivers of a last breath. The gentle letting go. Falling.