Life is busy, learn how to slow down, move on and remember God's blessings by looking at the clouds.

3 Life Lessons from the Clouds

Everything that God creates comes from benevolent sources, which are apparent to the minds that think. Sadly, more often than not, humans are immersed in this temporary life, running errands and meeting deadlines that we hardly allocate time to adore Allah’s beautiful and educational lessons. As unlikely as it may sound, there are lessons for us to learn with good reasons, from as near as around us to as far as from the other side of the globe. And yes, they are tailor-made to fit our daily encounters.

Life on earth is too hectic and we often stop to catch our breath in an attempt to keep up with its demands. It is rather difficult to regain motivation in the middle of a crowded setting that is the decadent society. When that happens, it’s a sign for us to look elsewhere to find the strength, to reason with our duties. So, what we could do is look up to the sky and learn from His magnificent creation, the clouds.

“It is Allah who made for you the earth a place of settlement and the sky a ceiling and formed you and perfected your forms and provided you with good things. That is Allah, your Lord; then blessed is Allah , Lord of the worlds.” (Qur’an, 40:64)

What can we benefit from observing the puffy clouds?

  1. Life is a Transient

We are aware by now that nothing is this world is permanent, not even our problems. But the temptation of Dunya (temporary world) can be so strong that we let the fact slip our mind. So, just as much as we need to have regular intake of food for the body, we need food for our soul too, which is motivation. It is not possible to attend seminars or seek professional help every time we are in distress and our loved ones can sometimes be unavailable to us. Out of reach for human advice and alone, we are forced to seek alternatives to stabilize our emotion.

So, try this approach for a change; isolate ourselves, then look up to the sky and watch how the clouds never stay at one place more than few seconds, perhaps less. In some situations, they move even faster when pushed by the wind and storms. Even when the weather is nice, they still move on. Reflecting on the scenery truly inspires our soul and reminds us that life is short and changes are inevitable. We have to be adaptive and keep up with the pace stated by God. It’s worthy to mention that the clouds teach us not to be afraid of changes, but instead embrace and pursue them.

Just like God make the clouds stay afloat in the sky, He will not allow us to fall out of place.

  1. God loves Us

Allah’s love is prevalent and it envelops the world like a warm blanket. It also comes in many forms such as family, friends and sustenance. There are countless provisions He has prepared for us way before we were born and all we need to do is look and we shall find. Similarly, one of the most meaningful blessings He mercifully bestows on us is the shade. Allah’s love is apparent in the creation of the clouds in a way that they function to shadow us from the scorching sun. Especially for travellers and workers who work directly in the middle of the heat. Allah could leave us struggle on our own, finding ways to lessen the heat, but His love is so vast He provides the giant clouds which act like a giant umbrella to cool us down a bit.

If only we knew exactly how much heat the clouds had saved us from, SubhanAllah (praise be to Allah). Chances are, we would be speechless and only tears might express our thankfulness. Therefore, from now onwards, in the midst of feeling unloved, look up to the sky and we will see unconditional love among those clouds.

  1. Kingdom of Heaven is beyond the Fragile Clouds

It’s a great resuscitation after a long day, to disconnect from horizontal view and to start refreshing our eyes by looking at the sky. The heart deserves to know that as wide as the earth is, it is still incomparable to the kingdom of Heaven; another lesson from the clouds. Whatever we desire will appear in front of us immediately, with trees lowering their branches so the fruits are reachable by us. SubhanAllah (praise be to Allah)! Most importantly, the life in Jannah is permanent and peaceful. Misunderstanding, competition, dispute, jealousy and hatred are out of sight, being replaced by love, only love. That is the kingdom of Heaven, located somewhere beyond the fragile clouds. Isn’t it promising?

Physiologically, we are inclined to feel more invigorated after some good rest. So are our mind and emotion. Dissociating from the pressure around us and connecting with God’s reminder about a relaxing life in Jannah surely is an effective method. That, God willing, can be achieved through contemplation and belief that there is life more to the one we have now; in Jannah.

So, look up and watch the clouds, for that is the nearest reassurance of Jannah.

Life is busy, learn how to slow down, move on and remember God's blessings by looking at the clouds.

We can still attain tranquillity simply by staring at the clouds blankly, there are times when we are overwhelmed by a lot of stuff and we can’t engage in deep reflection. In a way, staring at the clouds can be a method to empty our mind. So, try it!

Other than the clouds, there are wonderful creations of God that we can understand and relate to our lives such as trees, rivers and mountains which are mentioned several times in the Quran.

Don’t we all feel blessed? Alhamdulillah (praise be to God).

How else can we use nature to strengthen our connection to Allah?