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GO – Meal and Fitness Tracker

Daily Insist


Happy Goals

Apps To Optimize Your Ramadan [+ Giveaway]

Ramadan is fast approaching and we’re all busy wildly preparing for the next 30 days of spiritual and physical tests. Lucky for us we live in the digital age, so there is a wealth of productivity, spirituality and food preparation tools right at our fingertips (literally!), alhamdolillah. You’ve come to know and trust my judgement when it comes to apps, so I’ve carefully selected a list of (mostly iOS and some Android) apps that I think will optimize your Ramadan in 2014.

Some of the developers have generously provided these apps for free so that I can review them for you, however all of the apps were hand-picked by me first and the developers generosity has no bearing on my honesty about the app. We also have some promotional codes to give away! Find out which apps we’re giving away and how you can get them!

Apps for Ramadan Time Management & Habit Building

Happy Goals

happy1 happy2 happy3

First of all I have to mention that this app is absolutely gorgeous! The colors, the interface, it’s just beautiful. Not only that but it is extremely useful and versatile. As the name suggests, it is a goal tracking app, used for habit building, motivation, staying focused on whatever goals you’re working towards or projects you’re working on (how perfect is that for Ramadan?). Each time you add a goal the interface color changes and the list of goals you have is colored accordingly. Your goals are added by swiping down and your options are Name, Target (how many steps towards the goal), current (how many steps you’ve taken already or your progress so far) and stepper (how many steps per progress input). It may take a bit of trial and error to get each goal perfectly configured at first, but it is so simple once you know your way around. You swipe right on a goal to add progress and you swipe left to remove progress. That’s it. There are no reminders, which may be a con for some people who rely on reminders, there aren’t any settings and no about screen, the interface is all in a single screen, which I like, it’s one of those apps which become a habit to use, which is exactly its purpose.

I think this one will be hugely helpful for habit building and progress tracking this Ramadan, and I know I’ll be using it beyond that as well.

Our rating 5/5. Happy Goals is $o.99 on the Apple App Store.


reporter1 reporter2 reporter3

This app is really unique, it’s another one that has an absolutely gorgeous and user-friendly interface. It’s less of a habit building or time management app and more of a monitoring and time analyzing app. Periodically throughout the day you take surveys about what you’re doing, and the app creates reports about what you do with your time. It’s a lot more in-depth and complex than that, but it’s also that simple. You can customize your questions, so if you want to create certain reports specific to Ramadan you can, or keep it general to track various parts of your day throughout the year. You can also customize how many times you report per day and a few other aspects of the app. The app will read your phone activity (photos taken, weather, location, activity, even audio, depending on your settings) and it allows you to export the data as well.

It’s another one of those apps that becomes a habit to use in and of itself, it’s an excellent tool for helping you analyze and manage your time and activities and the report reminders give you an opportunity to look at what you’ve done today and whether you need to make a change. So, say I’ve watched too a lot of TV and I’ve reported that twice already today, that gives me the opportunity to analyze my time in real-time and make changes throughout the day. I think this app will be extremely useful this Ramadan and beyond, it’s versatile and intuitive, it’s another one I know I’ll be using long-term.

Our rating 5/5. Reporter is $3.99 on the Apple App Store.

Daily Insist

dailyinsist1 dailyinsist2 dailyinsist3

This is a very cool, minimal app that makes habit building a game. You create something which you will do every day for 7, 14 or 21 days, each day you go to the app and mark whether you’ve done it or not, if you miss a day, your round is ‘Failed’ and you have to start a new round. You can have it remind you at a certain time every day if you want it to as well, however there is no customization options aside from on/off and the time of the reminder. I hope the developers will consider adding at least sound customization if not multiple reminders, this would make the app that much more versatile in its usage.

A big part of Ramadan for many of us is building positive habits, mentally, physically and spiritually, Daily Insist is definitely one tool that can help you do that, and make it a fun challenge too!

Our rating 4/5. Daily Insist is $o.99 on the Apple App Store.


xreminder1 xreminder2 xreminder3

A simple and well designed Reminder app. There are a lot of reminder apps out there but I didn’t have one on my list for this post, so when the developer offered me a code for this app I decided to check it out (please note this is the only app on the list which I did not hand-pick). Simple, minimalist design, color, what’s not to love? I love that it works intuitively “Remind me of such and such on this date or after this amount of time or every day/week/month/year”. Each reminder is a different color so they’re easy to keep track of and they look pretty! This app is definitely a keeper for those of us who have lots of alarms and reminders to keep us in order.

I love that the times on the reminder list count down in real-time (so if there are only so many minutes left, you’ll see it counting down). I don’t love that the times are in 24/hr, not that it’s a deal breaker, but when you’re used to a 12hr clock it’s just easier to have that as an option. There also aren’t sound customization options which is a bit unfortunate. Hoping the developer will consider these two things for future updates. As far as a pretty, intuitive and multi-purpose reminder app, this one should be a huge help this Ramadan!

Our rating 4.5/5. XReminder is $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

Free Time Management and Habit Building Apps

Apps for Ramadan Food & Health Management


mealboard1 mealboard2 mealboard3

This is an all in one food management app. It has a grocery list, ingredient list, recipes and meal planning. I don’t even need to tell you how useful that is in Ramadan, especially if you’re the one in charge of the food. The app is fairly straight forward, you add your recipes (including all the info you need, servings, prep, notes etc.), there is a huge list of ingredients in the pantry section which you can edit, add the favorites, add your own and even scan barcodes to add to the list. This is really an all in one meal management app. I’m going to spend some time adding all my favorite recipes soon and I have a feeling this app is going to change my unorganized life in the kitchen!

I really don’t have any cons for this app. It does what it does and it does it well, if you manage a kitchen you should have this on your device.

Our rating 5/5, Mealboard is $2.99 in the Apple App Store.

GO – Meal and Fitness Tracker

go1 go2 go3

This is a unique food and activity tracking app. It’s easy to use and offers a great help section right in the app so you can make the most of the features and the lifestyle support that it offers. The interface is simple, you enter the meal size (by making the circle larger), quality (by rotating the circle), time and an optional photo of the meal and it tracks it on a graph, no need to add calories or anything too specific or tedious. You also add activity the same way, tap the circle to change from food to activity and then adjust the size of the circle for intensity and rotate the circle clockwise for time.

This is definitely a new way to track your lifestyle and I think it’s one that’s going to support a healthier, less stressed or overly analytic attitude towards your diet and exercise. I’ve found the more in-depth calorie and exercise tracking systems a bit harder to keep up with and I think this app is perfect for those of us who want to keep track but not to the finest detail. I’m really excited to use this for Ramadan meal tracking.

Our rating 5/5. GO is $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen

smoothies1 smoothies3 smoothies4

This is a smoothie recipe app. It offers several smoothie recipes categorized by what they’re good for (cleanse, anti-inflammatory, beauty, digestion and so on). This is our first Ramadan since we started drinking smoothies a couple of times a week, and I’m really looking forward to that hydration + vitamin boost a good smoothie can give before or after a day of fasting. I usually make up the recipes as I go along but I know certain fruits and veges are good for certain things so I’m really excited to try some of these recipes this Ramadan. A smoothie from the Energy category for suhur and one from the Digestion category with iftar? Perfect! You can add favorites and even create a shopping list within the app too which is a great addition because I’m always running out of smoothie ingredients.

Our rating 4/5 (a point off because I feel the price is a bit high for the app). Green Smoothies by Ascension Kitchen is $2.99 on the Apple App Store.

Free Food and Health Management Apps

Apps for Ramadan Spiritual Renewal

Islamic Word of the Day

iOS Simulator Screen shot 02-Jun-2014 9.03.12 pm iOS Simulator Screen shot 02-Jun-2014 9.03.42 pm iOS Simulator Screen shot 02-Jun-2014 9.03.15 pm

This app will be officially released in Ramadan but we were able to have an early look at it. It’s a simple, beautifully designed app that gives you an Islamic word each day. It shows you the word in English and Arabic and then offers a definition with Islamic context in English. You can add words to favorites and see which words are trending as well as suggesting words to the developers.

Like I said, it is beautifully designed and simple. It will be a useful app for new Muslims and non-Muslims and Muslim kids this Ramadan, offering insight into Islamic beliefs as well as the words often used by Muslims. It’s great as a reminder and a refresher for converts and non-Arabic speaking Muslims as well. Each word has a link to a related Wikipedia page (or search) this doesn’t work as ideally as one would hope but it’s a nice touch, hopefully it will be improved in future updates. There is also the option to report a word in case you see a mistake. I like simple apps, I’m unsure how useful this will be going forward, but because it’s not released yet I’m reserving judgement and looking forward to seeing how it progresses the longer I use it.

Our rating for Islamic Word of the Day a tentative 4/5, $TBA, will be available for iPhone and Android (links to be added).


iquran1 iquran2 iquran3

This is a full featured Qur’an app for Android and iOS. You can search, have side by side Arabic/preferred language translations, listen to your favorite reciter, favorite verses and adjust the visual settings to suit your preferences. It really is my favorite Qur’an app and one I’ve been using for years now. The only thing I’m missing is the option to have more than one translation available, I like to read several translations at once to get a better sense of the meaning of the verse I’m reading, especially when it’s one that’s more complicated or deep. Really looking forward to the developers adding that option. Otherwise, this app is a no brainer for Ramadan.

Our rating 5/5. iQuran is on sale for $6.99 $1.99 for Ramadan in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

myDuaa: Fortress of a Muslim

mydua1 mydua2 mydua3

This app is a reference app for prayers from the Fortress of a Muslim collection of authentic dua. You can favorite, search and browse. It’s pretty straight forward, the prayers are in both Arabic and English with transliteration (Arabic in English letters) and the reference so you know which hadith or ayah it comes from. You can also listen to them and share them.

This one is well worth having on your device at all times, definitely an imperative Ramadan download!

Our rating 5/5. myDua $o.99 in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Free Islamic Apps

  • Athan Prayer Times & Tracking – Android and iOS
  • QamarDeen – Tracking your Islamic Practice – Android and iOS
  • Muslim Kids Series Quran – There are several great apps in this series, search iTunes or the Play Store for more.

‘Arabic with Taha and Maryam’ App Review

Arabic with Taha and Maryam is a new comer to the Arabic language learning apps. It’s attractive, colorful and easy to use. The app was designed by a doctor and a speech therapist who wanted apps like this for their own children. You can get it on both iOS and Android.

What it is

This is a language game app aimed at teaching young children or Arabic learners the letters of the Arabic alphabet. It’s designed very much like a board game with up to 4 places and the game pieces moving several spaces each time they spin the wheel (which takes the place of a dice). There are 3 levels of difficulty. For level 1, each time you have a turn you’re shown an Arabic letter and a voice says the letter, you then have a choice of several letters and you have to tap the letter you were just shown, for level 2, you aren’t shown the letter first but given multiple letters to choose from, and for level 3 you’re shown a letter and have to guess which letter it is, the app then tells you and you tap the x or check mark to say whether you got it right. Through the game you collect the letters, when you learn one letter, the app gives you the next one.

What I like

The game is well thought out and well designed, kids are usually familiar with board games and if they aren’t, it’s an easy concept to learn. The sounds are not obnoxious and are good quality and the graphics are colorful and appealing. My two kids (6 and 9) seemed to enjoy the game and were engaged while playing. We haven’t finished collecting all the letters yet (more on that in ‘What I don’t like’) but so far the harder letters are pronounced correctly, something many similar apps do not do right.

What I don’t like

The early stages are quite slow moving, however you can choose your level (1, 2 or 3) and so you do have the opportunity to play harder levels and accelerate your progress that way. The graphics and sounds are good quality but could be a little more polished compared to similar apps.

In Short

This app teaches Arabic letters with the ultimate aim of teaching children to read the Qur'an. You can't get much Muslim friendlier than that! There are nature sounds in the background instead of music.
No stereotypes or gendering, female child does not wear hijab, female adult does. Characters are diverse. No negative messages.
Teaches children Arabic letters in a very efficient and fun way.
Well designed and appealing, colorful graphics. It's not as polished as some similar apps but it's solidly designed.
The price is currently $1.99, this is acceptable for an app like this, however the price is stated to be a promotional price due to its recent release. I feel that any higher price point would be a bit much for what the app currently is. $2.99 is probably the max price I'd put on this.
A fun multiplayer app with important educational value for young Arabic learners of various levels. Definitely recommend!