Our blog is rapidly growing Alhamdolillah, because the numbers are growing and changing stats are outdated quickly. Please Request a Press Kit if you are interested in our stats for advertising purposes.

We are offering ad-spots for:

  • 468×60 on All Posts or All Pages: $20 per 1000 views (impressions).
  • 468×60 on All Posts and All Pages: $40 per 1000 views (impressions).
  • 468×60 in the footer on site wide: $30 per 1000 views (impressions)
  • 125×125 in sidebar site wide: $30 per 30 day period.

We are happy to exchange services for ad-space. If you offer a service we may be interested in or would like to provide prizes for a giveaway, please contact us from our contact form with details.

Send an email to muslimasoasis (at) gmail (dot) com with details of your advertising request (including name, website, ad image, spot and time frame.)


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