MO in Review: Top 10 Posts in 2014

MO has had a big year with many changes, like a new admin team, new writers, and mashaAllah (God willed it), some fantastic new content! As we look back on what was most popular in 2014, we see a nice mix of both the old and new. In sha Allah (God willing) the coming year will bring more fantastic content for you to enjoy. If you’re not already getting new posts via email, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss anything!

1. Interview with a Second Wife

Polygyny is a hot topic for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Since it’s quite uncommon in most parts of the world, people are curious what it’s like for those living in polygyny, and that’s why this post remains on top year after year.

2. Why is Life After Repentance More Grueling?

MashaAllah, a thoughtful post from one of our new contributors on what life looks like after you decide to follow the straight path more closely. Allah tests those that He loves, and Salina helps this become clear, and uplifting.

3. Woman with Epilepsy Declines Cure

I love this article, and how Sister Saba helps us understand the bigger picture. Our trials in this life could pave the way for benefit in the Hereafter, in sha Allah (God willing). Make sure to read this one!

4. Calling People Kufar

Is kufar a bad word? Some people use it like it’s nearly a cuss word, but that’s not Allah’s intent! From an Islamic law standpoint, what does kufar mean? When it is appropriate to use? Read on to learn what I’ve learned about this through my studies. Allahu alim.

5. Missing Link Chain Letters

I was surprised to see this one come in the top ten since chain letters have been drastically reduced since the original publication date. Still, it’s a fantastic reminder of being mindful on everyday things, and how we shouldn’t let even the smallest acts be meaningless.

Top 10 Posts for Muslimas' Oasis - 2014

6. My Jannah Companion

Many sisters experience a miscarriage in their life, and it’s a trying time. The hope, possibilities, and dreams we have for our unborn child, and then for it to disappear in the blink of an eye. In sha Allah those who have found this post have found relief from a fraction of their sadness.

7. The Pens Have Been Lifted and the Pages Have Been Dried

Sometimes knowing that Allah’s plan is set is a hard pill to swallow. It’s hard to know that some things are outside of your control – that is until you realize that Allah is the best of planners. We know from the Qur’an that He plans and we plan, but He is the best of planners.

8. Blessings of Seeking Sacred Knowledge

Not sure if seeking knowledge of your deen is worth your time, or you think you know enough by now and you can back off from working hard? Make sure to read this to get a boost of motivation to keep striving toward always learning more, in sha Allah!

9. Using Public Restrooms Overseas

Muslimas’ Oasis doesn’t normally bring humorous posts, but this was a fun additional to our normal line up, and it looks like you, our valued readers, enjoyed it! We hope to bring you more fun reads this upcoming year, in sha Allah!

10. Noor Kids: Just What Little Muslims Need

MO has a lot of great reviews, and Noor Kids happened to make it to the top in 2014. After I received some Noor Kids books as a gift from a friend, I quickly realized why these became popular so quickly! Read on to learn more about these Islamic stories for kids!

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