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Muslimas’ Oasis Projects are special interest projects we run or have set up. These projects have their own direction, their own facebook pages and a purpose more specific than Muslimas’ Oasis itself.

Creative Muslim WomenCreative Muslim Women

An invite only group created in Ramadan 2014, is a vibrant community of diverse Muslim women who identify themselves as professional or hobbyist creatives. Our membership ranges from world renowned writers, artists and makers who are top of their niche, successful entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers to those who are aspiring and those there to be inspired.

Get creative with us on our Creative Muslim Women Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use our hashtag #creativemuslimwomen.

Muslim MeMuslim Me

We work every day to build a strong and positive identity in our kids, often in the face of negative messages about what it means to be Muslim. One way kids learn to love who they are, is by seeing characters that represent them, characters that they can relate to and identify with. So we created Muslim Me, the first diverse, Muslim character line of its kind. Kids can choose their favorite Muslim Me characters on buttons, stickers and (ethical, environmentally friendly) t-shirts, and use them to muslimize their world!

Join the effort to build a strong Muslim identity in our kids on our, @shopmuslimme on Instagram and @shopmuslimme on Twitter and use our hashtag #mymuslimme.

Muslim Friendly Apps

Apple and Android app reviews with a Muslim family perspective. Our aim is to provide information about apps relevant to Muslim families. We include information about the representation of Pigs/Pork, Religion, Holidays and the use of Music that may be of concern to some families and not others. We also discuss any use of violence and romantic themes. We test the app and review its interface and content to help families decide if it’s right for them.

Interact with us and get news and updates from the App world on the Muslim Friendly Apps Facebook.

Blue Hijab Day

An Autism Understanding and Acceptance event that takes place every year on UN World Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd. We promote Autism and Disability awareness in the Muslim community by keeping the conversation going and promoting acceptance and inclusion. We’re committed to celebrating the disability community and accepting disabled people as whole and complete members of our community.

Connect and become a part of the conversation on the Blue Hijab Day Facebook.


Daily Alhamdolillah

Simply a public gratitude journal, welcoming everyone to be thankful for each day. Sometimes we share visual gratitude and sometimes we share quick messages of gratitude. We always welcome others to share what they are thankful for.

Read the Gratitude Journal and share what you’re thankful for on the Daily Alhamdolillah facebook.

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