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Redefining family traditions within your own home can be the key for new Muslims to making it through the holiday season with ease. A Holiday Guide for Muslims - www.MuslimasOasis.com

Redefining Family Traditions – A Holiday Guide for Muslims

As Muslims we have two festivals of celebration, Eid al-adha (festival of sacrifice) and Eid al-fitr (festival of fast-breaking). Then...

The Young Mans - The first in a series of Islamic stories for kids! - www.MuslimasOasis.com

Islamic Stories for Kids Book Review: The Young Man’s Plan

The Young Mans  – The first in a series of Islamic stories for kids! A book review by Lisha Azad “To...

Many people want to know! Did you become Muslim for a man? Or did you pick the man *because* he's Muslim? Hear real stories of revert sisters. - www.MuslimasOasis.com

What Came First? The Man, or Islam?

Most people won’t flat out ask if you converted for a man, but I think it’s safe to say that...

Are you connected to the Qur'an? Is it a companion in your life? Salina shares how even beginners can begin their journey connecting with the book of Allah. - www.MuslimasOasis.com

Beginner’s Guide to Connecting with Qur’an

The Quran is the only ‘textbook’ reliable for everyone from all generations, with zero contradictions. Irrespective of who you are...

What does it mean to participate in western holidays for a Muslim? Where do you stand? What do the scholars say? Join us for a discussion on Thanksgiving for Muslims in America.

Muslims in America: Thanksgiving

Living in the west creates many questions about how far a Muslim assimilates or participates in western holidays. Often, we...

Busy Mom Activities: Learning with Bottle Caps for toddlers and preschoolers! Learn and explore with minimal preparation. - www.MuslimasOasis.com

Busy Mom Activities: 5 Ways to Learn Using Bottle Tops!

It seems there’s always an endless amount of work needing to get done from laundry, dishes, kids’ outside activities, and...