Push Stress Away

Let’s face it, stress happens! Between working, participating in civic activities, taking care of your home and family and managing your business, stress is bound to creep up somewhere in your day. Even though there are signs that the economy may be starting to turn around, this has been and continues to be a stressful year for most business owners. After many years of ups and downs, I have some tips on how to deal with stress in productive ways:

First and foremost; forgive yourself! – Business is not easy, and there is no way that you can do business and not make mistakes. Wasting energy on looking back and feeling ashamed is an exercise in futility that you cannot afford. Stop feeling guilty.

Identify the real problem – Entrepreneurs often say they just need more sales or more credit. From my personal experience and from looking at other businesses, I have found that this is frequently just the symptom. More often, the problem is bad marketing, bad management or poor financial management.

Don’t try to control things that are uncontrollable – instead adjust, respond,adapt.

Increase self-awareness of personal moods and feelings – anticipate and take steps to avoid stress build-up before it becomes more serious.

Explore and use relaxation methods – they do work if given a chance – yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, massage, a breath of fresh air, anything that works and can be done in the particular situation.

And of course, remember to think positively. If you think negatively, you will fail. In order to attract what you do want, you need to allow it to come to you. And stress is the very antithesis of allowing. Stress is pushing it away. So if you want to allow the good stuff to come to you, push stress away!